Dog License Information

Dog Owners in the Town of Lincoln, Buffalo County

Wisconsin State Statute Chapter 174, requires all Dogs in a township to be licensed once a dog is more than five months of age on January 1st of any calendar year, or becoming five months of age during a license year.

Cost of License:
$5 for each neutered male or spayed female
$12 for un-neutered male or un-spayed female

Proof of rabies vaccination date must be received with your dog license payment, if vaccination date has expired since your last annual license was issued

Dog License Payment is Due on or before April 1st to the Town Treasurer.
Mail Dog License fee to:
Trinity Hungerford, Town Treasurer
S1957 State Hwy 88
Alma, WI 54610

$10 Late fee if received after April 1st

Dog owners who violate dog license provision will be referred to Buffalo Co Sherriff’s department which will result in a $250 Penalty, plus cost of prosecution for each unlicensed dog.

Please contact Trinity at 608-685-3175 if you have questions regarding the licensing process.

Thank you